Apartment rentals booming in Budapest

With the new academic year starting in September, this month is certainly the season to see and expect the apartment rental market boom in Budapest.    

Apartment rentals booming in Budapest

Not just in Budapest, but in all of Hungary most probably, as the numbers of available apartments have risen in the past month, to now 10,000 properties available nationwide. 

The capital gets especially busy during these weeks, with local and foreign students looking for downtown flats and rooms, and relocated families looking for houses, villas and other rental properties to quickly settle in before school starts. The competition for certain trendy apartments for a good price can be fierce - sometimes tenants don't have the luxury of sleeping on their decision, but need to decide right away whether they like an apartment or not very quickly, otherwise someone else might just snatch it up before they make up their minds. 

We believe, however, that all prospective tenants have a great property waiting for them, and we just havet to find it.